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Scheduling Fun...Now

While the New Year brings with it hope, the promise of a fresh start, and an end to bad habits…ushering in this moment is often wrapped in much more.  I’ve always felt pressure to make it a “special” night, to come up with an original plan, to top the year before.  Looking back, this approach has rarely worked.  (I am still trying to forget about the NYE spent at Ontario Place…worst ever.)
No doubt a great band and a few drinks (or an exotic locale) can add to the fun, what really matters most is not the where or what, but the who. So my friends, no matter where you are or what you do, I hope you are in the company of those closest to you.  Let’s make it great not for what we spend, but for those with whom we share that symbolic turn of the page.  After all, they will be writing those pages with us… with any luck, from a beachfront property…joking.
Happy New Year!

Making Children's Dreams a Reality

Growing up I was fortunate to have a warm bed, a tasty home-cooked meal and a well stocked Christmas tree that would bring a smile to any child’s face over the holidays.  As we know, sadly this is not the case for many people.  In fact, according to a United Way report, one in four families in Toronto struggle in poverty.

We can imagine then, how difficult the holiday season must be for those families who can barely make ends meet, let alone grant their children’s wishes. Thankfully, there is an organization making a huge difference to these needy families – Holiday Helpers.

Cookie is a Monster

If it’s possible to eat too many cookies, I am fairly certain I have reached that point and it’s not even Christmas yet.  It all started to unravel with my decision to give home baked cookies as gifts, instead of buying trinkets people pretend to like, only to slyfully return later.

The problem I didn’t consider was all the taste testing involved.  You know, for quality and freshness and stuff.  Needless to say, I have confirmed my weakness for Nutella, my love of crunchy peanut butter, and a little-known flare with walnuts.

Giving IS Receiving

The holiday season brings with it solicitations from charities for donations of different types.  I try to give back in different ways throughout the year, but the holidays are a reminder for many people to share with those less fortunate. Doing so is the best way to know that giving truly is receiving.

All About the People

I recently returned from an all-too-short getaway to Belize. As I anxiously packed my bags excited to set afoot somewhere new, I wondered about the people I would meet and the adventures I would undertake.