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Guest Corner: My Perfectly Un/Balanced Life


It is something I have strived to achieve for many years.  Someone once advised me to imagine my life as divided into four parts: my hobbies, my work, my relationship and my friends.  She said that I should always put equal amounts of time into each of these categories in order to reach my highest level of happiness and personal fulfillment.  In theory the idea makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn't want to feel full in each of these areas?

The problem I have encountered in aiming for a perfectly balanced life is that in my attempt to focus more time and energy into something I have been neglecting - it always comes at the expense of something else.  There are only so many hours in the day, there is only so much energy I have to try to perfect some part of myself that is not functioning up to par and there is only so much self awareness that I can hold at one time – making the notion of balance feel elusive.

Of course any amount of self development is not futile, but let's face it - life is not perfect and there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced life.  This idea of "Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" by W. Clement Stone, sounds nice to the perfectionist in me, but can take away from feeling success for not reaching my target goal.

As I come into my own, what I realize and what I would like to challenge you with here is this - what if we change the goal of trying to lead a balanced life - to that of a perfectly unbalanced life?  Learning to deal with our shortcomings gracefully, eloquently and with style.

In the same way a skier glides down a mountain shifting her body from one side to another - not trying to control the mountain - but allowing the natural curves of the earth beneath her to just be - simply using her body to maneuver this monumental piece of land gracefully.  This is what takes practice - learning to maneuver life.   When you change your goals, you change your measure of success.  Allow yourself to feel success by creating realistic goals, small ones - one step at a time.

And with that mindset, "Go as far as you can see.  When you get there, you'll be able to see farther." Thomas Carlyle

This month's guest reflections brought to you by Thoughtfully Inspired - daily doses of inspiration, because happiness is a choice.


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