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The Haunted Toolshed

Ontario, 2001
When I was in elementary school there was what appeared to be an abandoned toolshed on the property.  At recess we would peer into the cobweb-laced windows and exchange stories about its haunting. I would imagine the space when it was in active use and what the undertaker would have looked like when he was alive (and not busy haunting the place).

Years later when I started making photographs, I strongly gravitated to abandoned spaces and places. Together with my friend John, we would visit small country towns on the lookout for anything dilapidated and crumbling – most often farmhouses, but sometimes homes as well.  I couldn’t explain the fascination but often thought back to that “haunted” toolshed where it all began. 

Over the years my interest in all that is forgotten continues, be it places or people. I remember how invigorated I was to discover the photographs of the many “urban explorers” as they are known, who share the same fascination.  These photographers mean business and have travelled to far corners of the globe to document all that is abandoned – prisons, orphanages, psychiatric wards, schools, hospitals and more. 

On my wish list? Chernobyl. Certainly not a typical vacation, but an urban explorers’ dream. I’ll let you know when I get there.

In the mean time, here are some of my favourite urban explorers out there:


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