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What better day to discuss passion than Valentine’s Day.  Not that related to romantic love or lust for a partner, but that which we feel for the other loves in our life.

Many would say I wear my passions on my sleeve. At the top of the list are travel, cycling, photography and volunteering. (In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit to a passion for sweets too – cupcakes in particular, though most anything laced with sugar will do.) Any experience that combines those in some way is the ultimate package. I will attempt to cite a few briefly here.


A postcard from the Cabot Trail
In 2008 I took on the toughest cycling challenge I’ve known in the 14 years I’ve been riding - a complete tour of the Cabot Trail; an incredibly scenic 298km route passing over mountaintops and through quaint villages. Each evening, as we gathered at our campsite and shared stories about the beauty of what we’d seen and the challenges we’d overcome, there is one word to best describe what I felt - peace.


In the streets of Old Havana
In 2009 I travelled to Cuba.  I’d long since been drawn by Havana but could never have imagined how photographically inspiring it would be.  My friend Laura and I stayed in local homes to get the most genuine feel for the country and its people, visiting Havana, Vinales and Soroa. We spent several days wandering the simultaneously decaying and decadent streets of Old Havana, cameras in hand.  Rich architecture, children playing in the streets, 1950s cars, colourful people...all of this combined was a photographer's dream.


Machu Picchu in all its glory
In 2010 I visited South America for the first time. This trip was the culmination of months of fundraising for MS through an organization called MS Climb.  The lofty $7,500 fundraising target was an uphill battle all the way and had me worried whether I would actually make it to Peru at all.  But, with a little creativity, perseverance, the support of generous people (and many sleepless nights), I finally made it. The hike to Machu Picchu was almost as demanding as the fundraising, but the two experiences combined made for a wonderful sense of accomplishment in having made a small difference.

Now, I am pondering this important formula for passion:

I want to hear from you. What are your passions?


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