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A Doctor, a Lawyer and a Shoemaker

I promise not to tell a joke about them visiting a bar…

I recently read with great interest, an article in the Toronto Star about the dying art of shoemaking. This got me thinking about all the work that goes on day to day, by so many people who go unrecognized and unnoticed.

From a young age, we are conditioned to appreciate very specific career paths – doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and architects as top of mind examples. But when you get out into the business of making a living, networking, and engaging with people from all walks of life, it’s then that the volume of opportunities and their merit become more apparent.
Often students go into their chosen field on autopilot, without consideration as to their fulfillment or even awareness of other possibilities. I imagine an idyllic world where people have the innate ability to become whatever they choose, and apply it to a greater good.

Having said that, awareness and ability are only part of the equation. Financial resources must also be considered. Interestingly, also in the news that same day as the article on shoemaking, it was announced that a select number of “low income” students will be able to take the LSAT free of charge, in an effort to “level the playing field”. I am encouraged to know that bright students who may have been deterred by the cost of the test will now have a chance to put themselves in the running for the career they this case law.

There are so many factors at play influencing the career we choose – awareness, skills, and financial resources are just a few. Regardless of those influences, I hope that the story of the shoemaker inspires more people to give broader consideration to all that is required to make this world hum. It’s a big world. With any luck we find our place and fulfillment in our path, be it one that is publicly celebrated or not.


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