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Have you ever given thought to those who make it their mission to protect your life? Consider the countless people who put their own life on the line every day in order to ensure that you are safe and protected.

Police officers, firefighters, army and navy members, doctors, paramedics, nurses…and the list goes on. The recent tragedy of a police officer in Alberta, brutally beaten and killed in the line of duty investigating a noise disturbance, highlights the supreme sacrifice these selfless individuals make.
Doctors, nurses and paramedics work to restore us to good health. Men and women of service protect our rights and freedom in communities large and small. Firefighters come to our rescue in times of peril. Police officers work to maintain order and obedience.

Collectively and individually they afford all of us in the Western world a great deal of peace of mind. How fortunate we are to live in a country where such systems are in place.

In my own small way I would like to acknowledge the dedication, fearlessness and selfless sacrifice of these heroes. Without them, the world would be a dim place. 

Thank you.


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Recently "Chewbacca Mom" reminded the world that life is about the "simple joys". Think about it - more of  life is about the everyday moments than the sexy milestones. Though I've written a lot here about gratitude, this got me reflecting yet again on the simple joys I am thankful for. This is my list right now, though in no way complete.
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