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25 Ways to Uncomplicate your Life

Do you ever feel that life has become more complicated? Perhaps too complicated? Ever wish you could turn back the clock to what seems was a simpler time, perhaps when you were younger, or had fewer responsibilities?
I have sometimes thought about how much of life’s “complications” are self-created despite those adult demands and expectations. And if they are, then some are within our control to change.

Spotlight On: Animal Care in Egypt

"In life we often see things that we would like to change, but to get the opportunity to totally change your life around and put your ideas into action is rare." - Kim Taylor

When I was in Egypt last October, I visited Animal Care in Egypt (ACE), a not-for-profit dedicated to "easing and preventing the suffering of animals through the provision of sustainable veterinary treatment and education programmes for local people." Impacted by the condition of the animals they saw while on vacation in Luxor, Brits Kim Taylor and Julie Wartenberg decided to establish ACE and take tangible steps toward making a difference in the way that animals are cared for in Egypt. I spoke with Kim about this endeavour and this is what she said...

You are Anyone

When we hear about challenging situations, we readily say that these things can happen to anyone, but I wonder how much we really believe it can happen to us. It’s like we live within invisible sheet of armor, confounded when touched by hard times, despite logically knowing that everything is part of life.

The Happiness Puzzle

There has been a ton of research conducted worldwide to determine the tenets of happiness. Though I'm not a professional researcher and can only speak from my humble experience, I firmly believe there are several critical components to what seems to be an elusive puzzle. These are to: Appreciate what you have Think beyond yourself “Keep it simple”, in other words, as I have said here before, less is more. A TED Talk by Graham Hill reinforces a similar notion.

Truth at the Highest Cost

I was a huge Lance Armstrong fan. In all the years I’ve been cycling – 15 to be exact – he has been the epitome of strength and determination to me. As everyone knows, however, he has been dogged by rumours of doping year in and year out. Throughout it all, my desire to “believe in miracles” (his words) remained unwavering. After all, how not to be enamoured by his superhuman ability, hard work, and defiance of the odds?

Above all...Smile

Answers are Closer than You Think

The best source of advice: to ask, 'What would I tell someone like me, if I didn't happen to be me'? - Alain de Botton
A friend recently confided in me about a difficult situation she's in. Conflicted as to how to proceed, she was seeking my unbiased, objective opinion. I listened attentively, and as she spoke it was very clear to me what she should do.

Keeping it Real

I recently spent a few days up north, reconnecting with the outdoors in the company of a good friend who appreciates many of the same activities and adventures. Let it be said that as much as I love urban living, it is really important for me to get away periodically to truly relax.