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My Anti-Bucket List

The other day I shared some of my bucket-list items. In creating that list I got to thinking about some things I won’t be doing in this life. After all, what's good for one is not good for all.

My Bucket List

I was doing a Google search the other day and came across an inspirational person doing very interesting things. Danny Dover. A few years ago, Danny crafted a long list of things he’d like to accomplish not only in this life, but specifically by May 25, 2017. In so doing he took control of his life, and gave it purpose. Talk about mindful living.


Most everyone nowadays has a smartphone they carry with them at all times. It’s become like a lifeline to the universe; an ongoing and instant connection to friends and family who aren’t present.
People compulsively check their phone for incoming texts or mail. Sometimes on early morning subway rides I’m entertained watching everyone in silence with eyes transfixed on their phones….that is, when I am not doing the same.

The school of life

I have been fortunate to have been well educated. That is schooled both in life and through the more formal teaching systems we move through as we grow to adulthood. I am thankful for both as they have made me a citizen of the universe, aware of the world and each of our lives as something bigger, greater, inter connected.

What a Twit: Part V

Latest Twitter favourites to put a smile on your face or give you pause for thought:
LinkedIn has turned into my parents. Sends me job posts even after I tell it I'm employed. I might be a photog, but I get by.
Best thing about a bike ride? Simplicity. Pedal hard, go fast. Pedal soft, go slower. No excuses. Thank goodness.

Quote of the Day: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. - Robert Frost

I don't know. Even with all the evidence I find it hard to believe that Rob Ford would ever be a mayor.