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Happy New Year!

As the sun sets on this year and dawn ushers in anew, I wish you and yours all the best of the New Year.

Neighbourhood friends

I’ve lived a stone’s throw from the Humane Society since May and though I’ve thought to visit on several occasions, I still hadn’t gotten around to it. So, when my boyfriend suggested it on a whim, I took him up on it with enthusiasm.

Sharing the warm and fuzzies

The news can often be doom and gloom, but at this time of year I always look forward to the attention that’s paid to the phenomenon of giving…who to give to, where to buy, what to give, even the motivations and the benefits of giving.
I read an article in the Globe & Mail explaining that altruism has long since been considered the ‘noblest of human impulses’ but also states that we can be motivated by selfish reasons. Who can deny how good they feel when they’ve done good for others?

Giving outside the box

The holiday season is in full swing with all that it brings – photos with Santa, late night soirees, company parties, and so much more. With the fun, there is undeniably stress associated with all that needs to get done at this time of year. With that, I got to thinking about ways to minimize this stress.

Things we should say more often

If you can’t think of anything nice to say then you’re not thinking hard enough.– Kid President

A video by Kid President called “20 things we should say more often” has been making the social media rounds of recent and caught my attention. I couldn't agree more with most, if not all, of his suggestions, especially his tip to sometimes say nothing at all.