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Returning to 2014

Over the last few years and increasingly frequently I find myself in conversations about technology, whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly. Innovations such as smartphones have impacted our day to day so much that we cannot imagine or remember what life was like without them. In fact, apparently over 40% of people worldwide own more than one, myself included. Who can remember a time when you actually memorized phone numbers?

Time flies...

Though the Urban Dictionary has their own take, an anniversary can be generally defined as "a date that is remembered or celebrated because a special or notable event occurred on that date in a previous year". As I am celebrating several anniversaries - a relationship anniversary, a move-in anniversary and a work anniversary - very soon, I have been reflecting on these milestones and what they mean to me.
But first, I am impressed by the speedy passage of time. I shouldn’t be surprised really. As the old saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”.

Beautiful dichotomies

I recently returned from another adventure that had me out discovering the world. This time in Japan. I have long since wanted to visit, and had in fact bought a guidebook when I thought a trip could be imminent. Imagine my surprise when I went searching for it and learned it was a 2004 edition.