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Ordinarily extraordinary

A Facebook friend posted this excerpt and it gave me great pause. How much of life is focused on striving to "succeed" with little to no focus on the small stuff? Though there is great value in the dedication and effort associated to excellence, it shouldn’t come at the expense of appreciating the “ordinary”, the many fleeting moments and experiences that make life truly rich.

Size matters

To live small is to live mindfully, in every regard.

I recently watched an excellent documentary called Tiny House which focuses on the trials and tribulations of a couple building a 200 sq. ft. home. Builds like this are part of a downsizing movement inspired by people who are either financially fed up and/or who feel strongly about their impact as consumers on the world and the environment.

Uplifting others

I have a lot of good in my life right now. I am healthy. I have a great relationship, caring family, challenging career and a wonderful place to live. I’ve worked hard for what I have there is no doubt. But as we all know, some of what we experience is just due to timing, luck and circumstance so that our lot of ‘good’ ebbs and flows through life.

To the person who stole my bike...

A few days ago, I learned that my bike, together with that of my boyfriend, was stolen from an outdoor parking lot close to my condo. Imagining the planning that must have gone into the theft, it felt like a true invasion of privacy.