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The corners within

The folded edges of our minds Reminders of shadows past Linger in corners Emerging strength of a sail’s mast
Arrival unsuspecting Marking ownership of new ground Beware the dimming light Fading slowly without sound
Push out with grace instead The challenging crevasses rooted For retreating to the former

Homeless to Harvard

I came across the story of Tonika Morgan yesterday and can’t think of a more perfect example of someone living a big little life…well, after you hear it you’ll see it’s more of a big BIG life.
Formerly homeless and on the streets, Toni took steps to transform her life and to empower the lives of others through her day-to-day work and her volunteer activities. As a high school dropout, she went against the odds to dedicate herself to challenging the systems that create barriers for low-income Canadians and break the cycle of poverty.

Below the line

How much do you spend in a day? Have you ever kept track?
Coffees, lunch, transportation, snacks…all incidental expenses above and beyond the bigger stuff that adds up easily without notice. But imagine that you had only $1.75 to spend daily for everything?
How would you do it?

My grandmother

March 31 would have been my grandmother's birthday. My mother told me with a sadness in her voice she knew I would share.
I lost my grandmother when I was only four years old. She lived a long life, but because I was so young, my memories of her are not so much about moments as they are about feelings. 
I remember feeling safe when I was with her. Feeling like the love she had for me made me a better person.