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Talking about holiday cheer

December brings with it the opportunity to connect with friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers with the excuse of celebrating the holiday season. While some may look forward to these festive gatherings, others may find it a real challenge to muster holiday cheer. This got me thinking about how we could improve our experience regardless of where on the spectrum we fall. Whether socializing with people we see frequently, or some we may only visit with at this time of year, there is something beyond exchanging gifts or sharing a meal that we will all do. Talk. While we can’t deny the pleasure we get from a delicious home-cooked meal, or the latest gadgets Santa may bring, conversation is really what sets the tone and defines our experience at these gatherings. Many would say that good conversation is essential to a fun evening, yet so rare. Why? In my experience, people aren’t listening to learn more about you, but instead waiting for a break when they can steer toward their own agenda…